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Follower Capsule type Magnetic Level Gauge

Follower Capsule type Level Gauges are suitable for Non-Magnetic Fluids  only.

The follower is actuated by a magnetic float, which moves with the liquid level in the tank.

MOC of Float                    : SS 316 or, specific on request

Level Indication               : can be min 300 mm up to 1500 mm. (or, special as per client's requirement)

Display type                      : Continuous level indication by Red coloured follower magnet

Level Indicating Scale     : one no. Aluminium Scale of 25 mm width with 10 mm intervals

Mounting                            : From side of the tank using the Bypass asembly or, on the top of the tank.

Reed Switches                  : Externally settable Reed Switches can be provided with DIN plug or, in Flameproof housings

                                                 (max. up to 4 nos.)


Follower Capsule Magnetic Level Gauge Top Mounted type


Follower Capsule Magnetic Level Gauge Side Mounted type

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