Multichannel Alarm Annunciators


NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd. design and develop customized controllers and control systems. Here we have shown working of a “MASTER & SLAVE type Multichannel Annunciator’’, which may be useful for various industrial application as well as in Shipping Industries, Aircrafts, BMS systems, Fire Alarm Systems etc. The main purpose of this Annunciation panel is to draw the attention of the operating person for any abnormal conditions or, events.

In many of the industrial operations, single operating person do the job at 2-3 different locations and there are chances that a sudden problem occurred in some process is not noticed by that operating person. It is also possible that one of the locations where operating person make a round only at certain time and at all other times the monitoring is done from the control room. In such case if any Centralized Warning Panel (CWP) or, ANNUNCIATION PANEL is not used, that may cause some faults in the system or, even some accidents.

Centralized Warning Panel (CWP) or, Annunciator Panel, is a group of lights and audio signal used as a central indicator to indicate the status of equipment or systems.
This type of system also may have 2 panels (a Master and a Slave or, a Local Panel and a Remote Panel) which will give the status details in both the panels, at a time. Form any of these panels you can use ACCEPT, RESET and TEST keys.

As per the customer’s demand, NK Instruments will provide you Annunciator Panel.
The customized features can be –
1) No. of inputs,
2) Type of inputs (Digital or, Analogue)
3) Power Supply (230 VAC, 110 V AC or. 24 V DC)
4) Enclosure type (Weatherproof or, Flameproof)
5) Annunciation required at single location or, multiple locations.

By using such Annunciators or, Centralised Warning Panels, it will be easy for operating persons to quickly understand the status of the main parameters in the processes and also helps to know the faults in the process immediately.

NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is a company in the field of Process Instrumentation and other than their standard range of products, do lot of customizations as per customer demans.
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